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3 Steps to Massive Clixsense income‏

Clixsense is one of the most reliable paying PTC programs out there, probably 2nd only to Neobux. To make some serious money from Clixsense, however, you need the right strategy, otherwise, this can be a slow earner.

To help you earn Massive Clixsense Income faster, I recommend you do these 3 steps right away.

Step 1 – Upgrade to Premium Account

A Clixsense upgrade costs $17.00 for the year, and the benefits you will reap are well worth it for the price. It is a lot cheaper compared to other PTC programs. You also get the following features:
You can cash out at $6.00 – Free members cashout at $8.00
You can earn 10% commissions from a downline’s surveys
Double your earnings from referrals
To read more about the upgrade, click here:

Step 2 – Get the Clixsense Browser Add-on

Available for all major browsers, the ClixAddon lets you know when new ads or surveys are available. It also shows you your balance all in one box. If you are serious about earning money with Clixsense, you need to get the ClixAddon.

Get the add-on here:

Step 3 – Build Your Team

You want to build your team right away because the bigger your team is, the more profit you will make. There are so many ways to earn from Clixsense it is crazy. Your referrals will bring you sign up commissions – this is a unique feature of Clixsense.

When someone signs up under you, make sure to get them active right away. You earn Upgrade Commissions from your downline – this is another reason for you to upgrade. Once your down line from any 8 levels upgrades, you will receive a commission for doing nothing at all.

To view your referrals, click here:

Clixsense gives you plenty of reasons to build your down line wide and deep – and make you sure communicate with them and help them!

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