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Alert for Odesk Users , 2 New Features added Today

After the joint Venture with Elance , Odesk is making almost the same changes that elance did few years ago . First the Started with New year , A Biggest news & a Feature that every one was demanding , Escrow Protection on 6th January . It was ruled out earlier but officially launched on 6th January 2015 . Now after a month Odesk is ruling two new Features into their System .

1. Introducing Connection .

Everyone will get 60 Connection each month , mostly each job will require approx 2 connection to apply to a job in odesk . so probably 30 jobs application in a calendar month , no matter if those are successful , Flagged, Withdrawn , etc can only 60 connection only , if want extra connection we need to pay , this is for basic (FREE) . If you pay $ you will be moved to Premium Membership like Elance , you will be Given preference in Jo Application , can see other people bids , Portfolio with a click etc .

2. Helping great freelancers connect with clients more successfully

Now Freelancers will be limited to fewer job application each month , so clients only gets related application & freelancers only apply to job related most to them & that they feel will be able to give their 100% . Odesk -Elance getting thousands of new users each day so its getting difficult for employer to find the best talent with that much of applications, With the introduction of Escrow clients were angry at the start , as this was new for them & they have to pay for each Fixed based job if they want freelancer to start .

Employers were also shocked with the introduction of Minimum rate of $3/hour . they were paying very low like 0.50 for each hour to $1 mostly for Admin type stuff , anything that don’t need too much professional skills. but now they have to pay $3/hour even for a Prduct entry & typing job . that’s good for Freelancers point of view but its getting difficult for new freelancers to get job as experienced freelancer having too much experience also bidding on same rate.

There are mixed reviews from users, that their was no need of Paid membership in odesk & company only want to earn money .nothing else.

Comments from Few Freelancers


Belinda B said

I am so excited to read that oDesk is rolling out some new features and enhancements. Personally, I have mixed feeling about how this will address “quality”. While I am not opposed to a paid membership feature, it does not address one of the primary issues for both freelancers and clients: “recognition” of top performing freelancers. The roll outs and “fixes” appear to be addressing quality from the perspective of preventing unqualified freelancers from bogging down the system through multiple applications, etc. But, what about top performing freelancers? I feel that it is essential for clients to be able to easily identify those top performers, and for those freelancers to be given recognition and incentive. If a client is looking for (and willing to pay) for an “expert” – they have no way of finding that person. The search options have proven over and over to be unreliable for this purpose. At one point, oDesk was showcasing a “Gold, Silver, Bronze” system for freelancers, but it appears that never came about. I am certain that would be a win-win for all. I am looking forward to ongoing system and feature enhancements. Thanks!





Darrin O ,

“But, what about top performing freelancers?”

Top performing for who, and for how long?  As someone who is new to oDesk but with a ton of experience elsewhere, does oDesk really benefit if they promote someone who actually has lower skills overall, but more history on oDesk?

Meh. I see oDesk is going the way of Elance.





Fatima A

Personally, one of my favorite things about oDesk (that, for me, really differentiated it from other sites) was that it was the closest thing to a meritocracy I’ve seen in its niche. You could not buy your way into better visibility, more opportunities, and so on; freelancers only had to outdo the competition in terms of skills, availability, and creativity–not spending power. The platform was equal for everyone, whether some considered it a blessing or a curse. Meritocracy means tough, incessant professional competition but the rewards are that much richer, the stories that much more inspiring. And I was always happy to share a portion of my hard-earned money to support this system.


By the way, Elance takes 6.75% to 8.75% and Freelancer.com takes 3%…I suppose copying a paid membership system doesn’t come with a similar reduction in fees, does it?

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