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Five tips to make your computer faster

“But I just bought it!” You complain. Actually, it was six years ago, when you went for a walk somewhere and had taken advantage of the difference in the currency. “But why does it take so long to open a program?” You ask yourself about your hair while expert. If you are not experts in information technology, your computer can not change the way you change your shirt, if the BBC has compiled some tips for caring for your Mac or PC helpful may be, regardless of how much you know about computers.

1. Hard disk reorganization or ‘Defrag’

Maybe you do not know the meaning, but perhaps it would be amazing thing to you for the care of your computer, this process is very important. ‘Defragmentation’ means organizing scattered data by combining your computer has the ability to act fast. Files are saved in the computer, the modern hard disks are slow. As the hard disk or deleting the files are saved, it is saved with all data stored on the hard disk goes parts. The access to the files is slow. And it is not at all difficult. There are some programs that can be supported Smart Defrag 3 (Windows 8.1) or iDefrag (Apple OS X only)

2. Delete unnecessary files

Today, less than 200GB hard disk is filled with very easily. And as long as it is admitted that affect its ability to operate. Your computer probably be a lot of old files that you no longer use, and files in your computer, is surrounded. The market for PC and Mac computers are numerous programs available. WinDirStat for PC Space Sniffer or similar programs that you can tell which files to the hard disk is placed around the space. If you are using Mac OS X, so it’s even easier. For the Finder search facility can be used. It can show everything in your Mac, including applications, programs, hard disks, files, folders and DVD drives. You can reorganize your files and folders, your Mac can see all the content and can delete whatever.

3. Avoid automated programs

This is the fastest way to speed up your computer, especially how quickly the computer is turned on. It is possible to see which programs on your computer that are currently running and if you can turn them off. In OS X Activity Monitor and Task Manager in Windows can be worked through. If you have a Mac, go to System Preferences, Users and Groups select the program you want to stop paying off. If you use a PC can use Autoruns tool available free of charge, which automatically controls the running programs.

4. Harmful viruses and eliminate programs

Some people believe that they can survive without anti-virus software, and offer interpretation that consumes too much memory and ability to work is affected, especially on the old PC computers. But for those individuals who are not computer expert is better than regret later use anti-virus software. According to the characteristics of your computer anti-virus software can select. There are several anti-virus software available to spend what little memory and processing power, including Microsoft Security Essentials, Panda Cloud and Avira are included. Although this concept has spread so widely that the virus does not affect Mac computers, but if your appeal will be slower than usual computer so you need to consider this. In this case you will get free Avast or Sophos Anti-Virus can use the tool.

5. USE Web applications for online Storage

install office when you need to use Google Docs, Adobe’s Buzzword or through applications like Zoho or Peepel can find everything that you want. Today’s web applications that work within the browser, they can be taken to any kind of work. It has two advantages: it does not go heavy on the hard disk are not affected.

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