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Good News for Odesk Freelancers

From 15th November Odesk bidding system will change. You can’t bid lower than $3 on any type of job on odesk. This will apply only on Hourly Jobs, Fixed base job will remain same. this will be great for freelancers on odesk . People from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, were bidding very low to win bids.

Now this will be very difficult to new comers in odesk to get a Job. As if all the freelancer bid on $3 . Now clients have to chose only experience ones , Freelancers that got experience, have Few hundred of hours worked already will won the bid Now.

Lets see if this Reduce the Number of Job posted each month on Different Categories, as clients have to pay for a Transcription & a Typing, Product entry job they will have to pay $3 for each hour Logged by odesk Freelancers.

Freelancers like me waiting desperately for 15th November to get more jobs as we already have some experience. After Joining Elance, & odesk Collaboration it good to see Minimum Rate in odesk platform. We are still looking for a escrow System in Odesk to get guaranteed payment in Fixed base jobs.

This is first type Odesk did something that is Favor for Freelancer. Now clients will react to this but when Odesk Introduce Auto Hiding job application, No one talk about that. Odesk is a cheap platform for Clients from last few years. But we can analyze Elance.com they implemented $3 minimum Rate from 9th August 2011. it was $5 for Hourly job earlier & $50 for Fixed base job . Odesk was flourishing very fast as compared to Elance.com. But now both platforms will looks similar but elance will get a Competitive edge because of Escrow Payment system.


Buyer will still manipulate. if you were Building 5 Links each hour you will build 15 now this will takes your 3 hours to get pay of 1 hour on odesk . you will have to do some extra stuff to get pay of $3 . they will still cheat the system .

Let’s see what happen, waiting for 15th November desperately.

Waiting for comments on Different opinion


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