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How to get more responses in upwork if you are frustrated from getting response

its a quick note how to deal with upwork if you are not getting any responsesin upwork as you were in the past . they created few new algorithm that works on below mention methods to auto hide your profile if you are not suitable to Jobs in Upwork.com

Elance & odesk is combined and now its upwork.com a Joint venture by both giants in Freelancing . odesk already redirected to upwork & elance will eventually in next month or so .

So problem is that all the Elancer will be moving to same platforms & thus creating more competitive market . we need to follow below guidelines if we still want to succeed in Freelancing .

1. Preferred Qualification

upwork Preff

always apply to those jobs that you see all green signals like if there are 4 qualification that client want to match & you have only 2 or even 3 then don’t apply on that . this will give you less visibility in Client view .

2. Write unique Cover letter every time

days are gone when we have unlimited Number of applications in odesk that we can use to apply to different jobs.i know a trick that most of the people were using to send more applications .it was to apply on 20 jobs & wait for clients to respond if you don’t get any response in 3-4 days then withdraw all the jobs & after 12 hour ( Refresh time ) you will get your quota of 20 jobs back & shoot it again .

but this is not working now . in a calendar month you only gets 60 Connections that can be used to apply 30 jobs . 1 job per day on average . so only apply to jobs those are

  • Most relevant to your skills
  • you have the time to complete them
  • every job need careful consideration
  • Write unique cover letter each time .

3. Answer questions with relevant answer ( no Generic answers )

always write custom replies to each answer . don’t keep it too short & long Vice versa . people use to write same answer to every job application in their category . so how will clients differentiate you while going through hundreds of applications ?

4. Attach most Relevant work ( Portfolio )

don’t forget to attach files , Portfolio links . suppose you have a client from Canada . & he want a small assignment of logo design . then attach any logo you made for clients from Canada . this will boost your chances to get positive response from clients in upwork.com .i get 75% of the replies when i attach related documents, portfolio.

I hope this will work for you & land you more jobs in Freelancing world. Thanks.

My name is Uzma Asghar . I am blogger , 24 hour Freelance SEO consultant, I am writing this blog to share my experience , earning methods to help Every one here ending up a successful Life .join me on G+

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