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How to optimize YouTube videos?

Days are gone when people Spam Websites, Meta Keyword Tag, Put all non relevant keywords in Keyword Tag & Rank websites to get higher exposure; this is not possible in Post Panda, penguin Era.

I first time here in 2007 when a client ask that if I can work on his Music Videos & rank them higher in YouTube.I Confirmed again do you want to Rank well in YouTube? He said yes.I said why? Because this was a new thing for me. But these days I know “Actions Speak loaders than words.”

If you have a Good Video & its goes Viral then it can give huge amounts of Traffic, Sales, Leads, Even you can earn money by using Google Adsense.

So Today I am gonna explain How we can Rank a YouTube Video, Process to SEO Optimize YouTube Videos.

Keyword Research

  • Lots of people don’t know about that but YouTube got their own keyword Tools to help you see how many YouTube searches a keyword is getting.it’s not as good as we have these days Google keyword Tool but we got something to get some Idea.


This Keyword tool will help to find keywords that get more searches, so we can Prioritize content presented in Video & rank them with an idea in mind that it will get those estimated searches During Research. It will make life easier to select Subject or Niche Anything that has 3,000+ searches a month is worth the shot.

If a Video is Ranking Higher & gets Good amount of views then it will appear as Recommended Video.if you try to get your video as Recommended than half of the work is completed

 No of Views

 No of views of a video a first major thing to consider. If your video retaining your Visitors up to 70% than it’s a good sing to rank videos.You can upload your video and wait for it to go viral, or gain views on its own, or you can also buy the views.I would prefer Fiver to purchase views if you can’t wait for Organic Views.

 Video Likes

 Video Likes is another way to judge your video Quality. If your video got good volume of likes including views  you have a Plus point in getting higher than your rival.

Video comments

Comments is also a Ranking Factor, when people talking about your Brand, Video, Content in your Video. If those comments are Relevant than it’s worth engaging people in comments sections.try to mention your keyword as many times in comments as you can while talking to people.Always try to put 2,3 keywords in Title of your Keyword, Description, after mentioning Keywords in title, description put your keywords in Comments.


 Subscribers may not be a Ranking Factor in YouTube Videos but it’s always good to get subscriber with no of views.

 Social Signals

 Social signals are another mandatory part if you want to see your video ranking on page #1 of YouTube.Basically YouTube is another social networking website, nevertheless, it’s based on videos. Consequently having social signals from other websites such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. is simply illustrating Google that your video is quality, and it is worthy of to be ranked. It’s only logical for a top quality YouTube video to get shared on other social websites.

 Always mention your primary keyword phrase in the title as the first word, and then add a little extra text, such as date/month/year or perhaps CTA text, for example:I also suggest you to write at least 250 words description, and link to your channel at the end of the description. Make sure to mention the keyword once per 100-150 words. Also include your additional keywords.

Yep, it’s that easy to rank your YouTube videos! One of the biggest advantages with YouTube views is that it’s way simpler and easier than having a webpage. You can rank in a matter of days, and start attracting targeted traffic! Targeted traffic is what brings dollars.YouTube Search engine optimization is super easy! Everything you need to high-quality views/likes/subs/comments to your video. Don’t devote too much money on views/likes/comments

For on page SEO. You have to do some appropriate keywords research and then optimize your channel and videos accordingly. But with the intention to rank videos for certain keywords you’ll need a lot more than on page optimizations and might consider investing some time or money in learning.

 Take away

  1. Geotag Your Video
  2. Link Your Business in the Description
  3. Include Your NAP
  4. Associate the Video with Your Google+ Local Page
  5. Building Scalable Niche Links to your Video to rank it Higher than your competitor.
  6. Closed Captions (Great method so Search Engine Crawl your Videos.).
  7. Adding the Script in the Description
  8. Naming the Video File with Keywords
  9. Tags from other videos which rank well for the keywords

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