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referral spam in Google Analytics

How To Remove Referral Spam in Google analytics

This is most demanded Question people ask how to remove Referral spam in Google Analytics . Webmasters are too much worried that they have a local services website like a lawyer from California getting hits from Russia 🙂 Strange.

someone From Australia getting hits from China Spam Referrals & they see very High bounce rate in there Google Analytic.Webmasters see lots of different Referral websites in their Analytic Account and try to see which websites are sending Traffic so they visit those links & ultimately landing to a different web page that spammers are sending traffic to earn some referral cash .

How to check if you are getting Referral Spam ?

  1. Login to your Google Analytic Account click here 
  2. Click on property ( website ) that you want to see traffic stats in case of Multiple websites in single Google Account.
  3. Click acquisition > all Traffic > Source / Medium


This will Screw your Analytic Data as well as annoying for you + Having too much bounce rate . Many Digital marketers think that bounce rate is a ranking factor ( that actually is not ) so they try to get less bounce rate & get rid of these refferel spam . how your analytics looks after when you get refferel spam .

Referral Spam

lets Analyze couple of these  websites First .

although i have 134 referral websites in my Analytic account but we can’t discuss each & every list here so i am going to check first few . at the end of this article i will list all the spam referral & keep them updated as they new arrives.

  1. rank-checker.online . this will lead you to RankSonic  a SEO Platform #1. Built for agencies, SEO-experts and webmasters ) this will open & spammer is earning some refferel if you signup with Ranksonic .so definately we need to block that referral spam in our Analytic Data .
  2. 2nd is propakistani.pk is renowned Pakistani website that write about technology gadgets etc . i had written a couple of articles on this website & getting referral traffic ( even after 3 years ) . so its original & we don’t need to block this.
  3. adf.ly its a url shorter but spammer use this to earn cash by referring websites using adf.ly  .
  4. traffic2cash.xyz  is a spam & it refer us to a website monetize program .
  5. get-your-social-buttons.info  anything with buttons keyword in domains are considered as spam so we need to block this spam website in our analytic .
  6. we have facebook , Forexustad & wiredpakistan.com that actually real referrals & remaining ones are spam.

How to Remove referral spam in Google analytic ?

  • Get a list of spam referral in your analytic save that into a notepad.
  • Login into your Google Analytic dashboard
  • Select the property view that you want to get rid of spam .
  • After select selecting view click admin

Google Analytics

  • After Admin Click Filters


  • Now clicking Filters > Add Filter  > Create a new Filter
  • Filter Information >> Write filter name ( nothing to do with analytic just for your to remember ) .

Filter Name

  • Select Custom & Exclude then Select Campaign Source from drop down list .

campaign source

  • After Selecting Campaign Source add address of Spam website you want to block & Click Verify Filter . if there are traffic in your Analytic Account Verify Filter will show that below .


  • Click Save after you verify filter Now add each & every filter one by one .Google Analytic Will take 24 hours to activate & exclude Traffic of Blocked Referral in your Google analytic Account. Remember one thing your Analytic will still show those referrals in Source / Medium if you chose dates before you applied Filters. like if you added filter on 25th April 2016 & you select dates to show analytic stats from Jan 1st 2016 to current date then Referrals data will be in Analytic Account.

To verify that Analytics is blocking spam after you activate Filters try to review traffic after the date you applied Filters I applied Filter on one of my accounts on 26th April . Now its 29th April lets see if we can see rank tracker or Social Buttons etc in Referrals stats.

referral list

No Traffic stats from one that applied Filters but few of the 100% bounce rate are still there .

List of Spam filters :

  • wordpress-crew.net
  • website-stealer-warning.hdmoviecamera.net
  • webmeup.com
  • vk.com
  • triiv.com
  • torfx.com
  • lsex.xyz
  • increasewwwtraffic.info    ( June 2013 )
  • semalt.com  ( March 2014)
  • rank-checker.online ( Sep 2015 )
  • traffic2cash.xyz
  • get-your-social-buttons.info
  • real-time-analytics.com  ( 30th April 2016 )
  • website-analytics.online ( 28th Dec 2016 )

Jam Hasan is the CEO of Winger Solutions, A Company that provides Paid marketing, SEO & Social media Services. He has been in internet marketing industry for 7+ years .Hassan writes about Digital marketing, Technology & Branding. A Graduate from bahauddin zakariya university with a degree in Information Technology , He Previously worked at 360digital.ae

2 thoughts on “How To Remove Referral Spam in Google analytics

  1. Ahsan khan

    How Much Time It will take to Affect .I added few Filters & its still there in my Google analytic Spam Websites list .

    1. Jam Hassan Post author

      it take 2 to 3 days to affect your Analytic Account . but it needed to be confirmed that Filters you added in Google analytic account had already hits in your account . if you added websites that is not included in your GA then nothing will happen as their presence is not there.


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