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New Technology Introduced to load web pages Faster

Boston: Granada Massachusetts Institute of Technology experts have developed a technology that even complex and large web site will download patches in a third less time and it will bring a new revolution in the Internet world.

this new technology is named “‘Polaris” . it will take less time between sender & receiver to load web pages.The MIT and Harvard Project have jointly reviewed and 200 popular websites in the world. The browser is the first network and various objects (objects) displayed on the browser, including HTML files, source code and other jauaaskrpt. The browser is also takes care of all the objects. The browser collects the order in which the object is loaded webpage at the same pace. On the contrary, they are going to call the clutter of the Object Browser once the network.

If the browser does not know if the objects sequentially. This is it lessens the time Polaris and web pages much faster updates. Such companies like Google and Amazon have several ways to increase your profits by saving time and reducing the load time of your pages.

Complicated and time codes to download the full Web pages by Polaris may be reduced by a third, but will also be a revolution in the world of mobile networks.

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