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Odesk Introduces Connections like Elance to Reduce Spam applications

Hi everyone , i hope you all having great time. yesterday not able to write blog post as i was too much busy in Freelance Work . yesterday it was 1st April , April fools day . its not April fool but odesk introduces 60 Connections for Free membership freelancers & 70 Connections if you pay $10 .

If you are a paid member you will be able to see Minimum bids, Maximum Bid , Average Bid , also 10 Extra Connections . wow means we have to pay $10 Extra to bid on 4 new jobs.

Pros & cons of this change in Freelance Society

Pros :

  • Clients will get Fever Applications on a Single job , before that clients were getting 200+ applications on average , it was becoming difficult for them to choice bcos of overwhelming their inbox , & it gets difficult to choice when you have 200 people to choice .
  • Freelancers that write good Proposal & have experience that they can charge healthy amount never get Response .So its nice for experienced one to get selected Now.
  • Overall pay structure has improved after they implemented $3 minimum Rate for small task .you can’t be hired below $3 & its favoring Experience one’s having good amount of hours in their Profile.
  • Freelancers will be only applying to jobs they are sure they can deliver 100% work or they will be loosing 2 connections if its not relevant to their Skills set , they have only 30 jobs each month to bid on odesk.


  • its Now more difficult to get selected for jobs if you are a New user on Odesk, Elance .
  • Experienced one already getting top Rated Badge on their profile & if they start Bidding on $3/hour that is the minimum that anyone can bid on odesk,elance , & a new user also bidding on $3/hour then definitely clients will go for experienced one as they are having experience & clients paying equal price for all the freelancers.
  • you have to pay price for extra Connection to bid . Before that if a client don’t hire you & decline your proposal after 1, 2 days of your bid , you get back your connection that was 25 before this ridiculous update from odesk ,  but now 60 Connections means 60 , you can’t get back your connection , if you get hired or declined by clients only 60 connections on odesk now 🙁
  • the biggest problem i have seen on this new system is that if a client have a small task of suppose $5 on a fixed price job , you will have to loose 2 connections to bid on that project. Even if it is a $3000 project you will loose 2 connection to bid on that project. it should be small like 1 connection if price is less then $500 like we have in Elance.com . this seems very bad that you are loosing 2 connection for a small task.
  • Freelancers those have paid membership will enjoy more perks then free , he can see how they bid is going with a particular Job & can won more jobs as compared to Free , so odesk want to Earn More from third world Countries poor people but Educated IT Sector as they are still in finding their living from these freelance websites

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