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Cyber Bullying

Stop Cyber-bullying what’s the Role of Parents in this?

Cyber bullying is the term used to depict a phenomena of teen age or some time pre-teen age when children is being harassed, pressurized, tormented and even forced by another children using internet whether it can be social media, chat cast, web media or any form of interactive activity through which such unlawful threat is created in the mind of convicted child.

Now question arises what is the role of parents?

Definitely parents are those personality in society who can understand problem related with their kids and parent can judge about the type of bullying is being made.If its confirmed that this is cyber-bullying parents initially have to take following steps.

  1. Identifying which cyber medium is more used by children in past few days
  2. Try to be polite with children
  3. Should treat as friend and dig out the info related to the matter
  4. Parents can only take serious measure when they have better understanding of problem
  5. A psychologist can be visited and a free mental therapy to the children can be provided by using any Sigmund Freud technique.
  6. Parents need to make aware teachers and school advisor to look in the matter if such bullying is being generated via school computer and internet system

In case of cyber-bullying being parent firstly you have to clarify this is bullying can arise physical assault or any sort of physical address info has been revealed and your child can be threatened or attacked physically. On the other hand, you need to take therapy of your child to maintain him in normal condition.

5 Most Important steps should be taken by parents to stop Cyber Bullying

  1. Parents needed to immediately take record of all conversations and messaging being made online.
  2. Cyber-bullied child should be immediately stopped to move outside if there are threats related to life and child can be physically assaulted
  3. Internet usage by child should be immediately stopped but it never means stop communicating with other who is threatening to take clues what actually going on.
  4. Intensity of all situation must be precisely understood
  5. Report concerned Cyber-Authority to take action like tracing Ips and other methodology.

Free help in such kind of cases can be provided by WiredSafety.org.

What knowledge should be provided to children’s

  1. Opening anonymous emails can be problematic. Children must be given knowledge about       the fact that opening unknown email can be a virus or it can cause severe issue.
  2. Chatting with unknown people can cause a serious problem. You do not know to whom you are talking who is he/she? Children should be educated that anonymous chat rooms and discussion boards should be avoided until and unless you have some need.
  3. Never reveal your personal information.
  4. Child should be educated that never post threaten message to any one even if some else is doing so.
  5. Be focused while you are online. Never betray here and there without purpose this can really cause a problem being child

Child are flowers from heaven. Being parents it’s our responsibility to take care of our flowers to keep safe in this digital age.

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