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Types of memory sticks

The term memory stick is generally used for removable memory card that is launched by Sony in 1998. It is one of the advanced ways to share you pictures, videos or data with others. The USB memory sticks are used as storage media devices by different computer purposes. It is popular due to its large storage capacity and swiftly data transfer rate. USB memory sticks are used for data backup source as well as data transfer usage.

The escalation of the USB memory sticks also give rise the use of new innovative data storage tools like digital cameras, card readers, mobile phones, media players and many other data storage devices. These memory sticks are available in 4mb, 8mb, 16mb, 32mb and 64mb sizes that is flat AA battery. These memory sticks are unique as those of memory cards and are smart as compared to the data storage capacity of these USB memory sticks.

Memory Stick

The real USB memory stick is having the capacity data storage upto 4 MB to 128 MB. Then the other one Memory stick select is released by Sony which has specific functions that is having two USB memory sticks within one cover that allows user to choose the one that is required.

Memory Stick PRO

After the launch of Memory stick select, memory stick PRO was launched in 2003. The size of memory stick PRO is about the size of small gum. It is having size up to 256 MB and started from 32 GB. It is specifically used for camcorders and other high quality cameras. The best features are innovative feature of Memory stick PRO was its storage capacity that is used mainly for the purpose of high pixels quality cameras, digital camcorders and other high resolution cameras.

Memory Stick PRO Duo

Then it come memory stick PRO Duo after memory stick PRO. Its size is small more than half of memory sticks PRO and memory stick for the ease of customers. The main use of memory stick PRO Duo is for the products that are handy in nature and allow carrying easily without gaining extra weight.

Memory Stick HG

This one come after the launch of Memory Stick PRO Duo and is not having so much difference in its features rather it is different due to its data transfer rate to other devices. It is upgraded and is used for DSLR camera and also used for the purpose of High Definition camcorders as its better for high demands and high data transfer rate.

Memory Stick XC

After Memory Stick HG in 2009 Sony once again launched a new form of USB memory stick that is Memory Stick XC that is basically extended high capacity memory stick. It supports the data of 64 GB to 128 GB size then further it is upgraded and now 128 GB size is supported by flash memory stick XC allows up to 2 TB.

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