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Upwork brings all the jobs from Elance

Few days back, Upwork a joint venture of odesk & Elance bring all the jobs from Elance to upwork means now all the jobs from odesk & Elance will be available for freelancers.Now clients will not be able to post jobs in elance & from now freelancers can’t carry on working on elance Platforms . if they have older jobs both freelancers & clients need to switch to their joint venture Upwork .

It was a mess & nearly impossible for new & mid-career freelancer to get positive response from clients (Read a detailed article on how to get positive response from clients in upwork  ) because what they did . they move all the freelancers & companies to Upwork from Elance & odes already got big audience so it created a mess most of the freelancers moved to other websites like freelancer.com, Guru , Peopleperhour.com etc  to look for jobs .

But Now all the jobs posted on 2 different platforms are posted only on upwork , all the freelancers re on one platform & all the jobs are also on one platform that is upwork.

Their move of introducing connection was a great initiative to stop spam and irrelevant applications for proposals, it really restricted freelancers from bidding on jobs that they really don’t qualify for . So now with 60 connections we can only apply to 30 jobs in a calendar month. So 1 job per day J . If you want more you have to pay for it to gain more connection for more bids.

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