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What is Freelancer & freelancing

What is Freelancer & Freelancing?

Freelancer is a person that perform his/her Duties from a remote Location mostly or working for different clients at the same time to earn more. Its really a different life style with pros & cons but it’s a great way to Earn more from usual 9-5 full time working jobs, Earn international recognition of your work with a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with people from different parts of the world.


Kumar is a Database designer working in oracle based in Calcutta India. A client From USA Want to design a new database for their Firm so with the help of different websites like Upwork , Elance, Guru.com , Freelancer, craigslist,etc  Client hire Kumar for database Design & pay a flat fee ( Fixed amount ) or Hourly rate for this task this is called Freelancing & Kumar based in India is Freelancer .

Working for yourself is not for everyone, so before you

decide to freelance there are a few things to consider.

  • can you be your own task master?
  • can you multi-task or work on multiple projects?
  • can you sell yourself comfortably?
  • can you balance work and play?
  • can you differentiate between work space and living space?
  • are you capable of riding out the financial dry spells?
  • do you have a network of support people to get advice from or bounce ideas off of?
  • are you comfortable pushing yourself to creative/learn etc?
  • are you comfortable learning new skills on the fly?
  • do you live near a Tim Horton’s or coffee shop?

Pros of Freelancing

  •  you work for yourself
  • you are your own boss
  • you are making money for yourself
  • you can set your own hours
  • it is a lifestyle
  • you have the freedom to make choices regarding the work you do
  • your network allows to get or send/transfer work
  • it is an economic decision
  • you live and die by the decisions you make
  • you are only as good as the last project you worked on

 Cons of Freelancing

  • you are responsible for the end result
  • you are to blame if something goes wrong
  • you have to set aside money for taxes
  • your work hours can never stop
  • you may have to do work you won’t normally do
  • you have to make decisions without consulting anyone
  • you may not know when your next project will come
  • you are only as good as the last project you worked on
  • you have no benefits
  • banks do not like people you work for themselves.

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