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What is l.Facebook.com Referral in Google Analytic Reports?

A Common question that is on every body mind these days. what is Difference in L.facebook.com & lm.facebook.com ? I also have seen these changes in my Traffic sources .lets talk about it.

It has been seen in last few weeks that I am getting Referral Traffic in Google Analytic with L.Facebok.com & lm.faceebook.com After Doing some Testing & Analysis & getting Feedback From Facebook that they are Making changes with the URL Structure to present us full value of our work in Facebook .If we are posting into Groups / communities & Sending Links via messages to our Friends & Family They track each Traffic to our website Differently as compared to Traffic We receive From our Facebook Pages .


The /l.php is actually Facebook’s exit/redirect page also called a “web redirector” .Facebook.com started using this technique from last week.

This is another way Facebook can track clicks from links in

  • messages,
  • statuses
  • comments

For example, if you are discussing with somebody on Facebook about how to buy Flat in UAE and they send you a link to a good online portal, website, you will see the l.php redirect.

Another instance would be if you have a blog and you do have a Facebook like button or “share” button on your blog post / article. When a visitor clicks on that button, their friends will see the link on their news feed and clicking the link from there Facebook profile will also trigger the web redirector to show Different kind of Traffic.

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