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Whats app drops $1 yearly fee from Now

Whatsapp recently completed 1 Million mobile users . its a big achievement for whatsapp to become first mobile communication app to complete this . with that big mark they drop $1 yearly fee of subscription from now. It has faced many hurdles in achieving this mark like it has been blocked in Brazil by government saying it is a security issue for country so they blocked ,

it has been blocked in China , Iran , most of the Telecom companies want to block it on their Data network .but this has reduced the cost of connecting to your beloved one’s & reduced profit margins of Telecom Companies .People relays on this app to connect & users of this app keep increasing day by day until now out of 7 people in this world 1 of them using whatsapp .

Most of the time i am thinking that what is the Business model of Whatsapp . we haven’t seen any ads from few years. we have no subscription from now & Facebook owner purchased this from $22 billion . they monetize Facebook , Instagram was free of paid advert till it gain momentum & now its crossed 400 Million active users on Instagram & they started paid marketing for companies to gain more outreach & followers on Instagram . now wait for whatsapp to be monetize in such way so mark can earn from tht big investment .

they are partnering with telecom companies to offer monthly packages on whatsapp uses so they are earning money from that but lets wait for some new business model for whatsapp to emerge .

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