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World Leaders Social media representing 90 per cent of the world’s governments on Facebook

Social networking sites are now no longer just entertainment mode and time spent equipment, on the sites become an integral part of our lives. The collective life in social media with the individual lives it has expanded its role, stand social websites has become part of local politics and global politics of countries.

When we speak of the world’s most popular social networking site Facebook, in fact before us is that Facebook is playing an important role in world politics. Representing 90 per cent of the world’s governments on the social networking site.

If social media can be made against the political leaders of the world in terms of popularity in the United States President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will look to take lessons. Public relations firm there are 87 heads of state, 82 heads of government and foreign ministers of 51 countries to personal pages on Facebook, according to a study carried out on behalf of Burson -Marsteller.

This study has become a good platform to attract voters to the leaders of the last eight years, Facebook social networking site worldwide spends her. This study reported on January 4, 2016 World leaders have been built on the Facebook pages were 23 thousand 257 crore 48 lakh 9 thousand 456 Likes and a total of 30 million 2 Post published on their pages.

The 24 countries of the world who have made an account on Facebook. In such countries, including China banned the use of Facebook.
World leaders have so far concerned social media popularity of US President Barack Obama leads in the case, including the 46 million Facebook Likes met Campaign patches. India comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s number, the number of followers on their personal pages has exceeded 31 million, the number of fans on his official page has 10.1 million.

In addition to these two public figures, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Indonesian President Joko WMA and top in terms of popularity Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi social media are the most popular personalities, each page of which 5 million have liked more.

November 2015 through the Facebook administration of United States President made official institutional change. The Page Likes 1.3 million were received within two months, this page has been added to represent the world’s most popular Page 30 leaders.

 As far as India is concerned, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead in terms of active fans. In the past year, 2015, on his Facebook page had more than 200 million operations performed, which liked to give comments and share posts included. These activities Barack Obama had more than five per cent of the activity on the page. TheUS president are very low compared to Like a Page on page Posts Modi.

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