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How to Create , manage , and Verify Payoneer Account ?

Secure money transfer around the globe is the need of the day since freelancing and off shoring trends are increasing at rapid pace. Everyone is in need of a service that makes money transaction, accessibility and conditions easier to withdraw or send money anywhere around the world. Both payee and payers are in search of reputed companies that can help in money transactions through authentic and secure methods. Another important thing which is most considered is the globalization the company provides i-e the validity and availability of its services around the globe. Payoneer is among the renowned online global money transaction systems to create an Account Click Here

About Payoneer

Payoneer has removed the money transaction problem from and to various countries because it has globalized its services.  Kit ensures soothing and cost effective transaction all around the world using different mediums like local bank transfers, debit cards etc, which are the foremost reason to choose it.  It is a US based company, with headquarter located in New York City.

How to Create a Payoneer account?

To get benefit from the services of Payoneer, you first need to create your account. Payoneer provides you with a master debit card, which is used around the globe due to mass globalization of Payoneer. Several freelancing websites with customers all around the globe usually use PayPal and Payoneer for their transactions.
The steps to make an account are listed below:
  1.       Personal information:

Go to the official website Payoneer .com and click sign up. The click will open a page, leading you to order a free debit card. First of all you have to start with filling up an online form that includes personal information like name, ID card number, email address etc.
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 Account information:
After filing the details, now move on to the second step that is the account information. Another form will appear on the screen and you must fill it according to the information requested. Provide a valid email address as your user name and choose a password. Choose a question and answer it. Keep in mind that in order to avoid any inconvenience in case of forgetting username or password etc always save them for your own security.
Personal verification:
Now select the third step button, which leads you provide details about your nationality, birth place and ID card number. Correctly fill out the form. The authority will confirm and verify it after two three days. You will receive a verification email at your email address. You have to send a scanned copy of your ID card from which you had filled up the personal information.
Payoneer bank account
After verification, you will get your effective bank account. You have to login to see your account. Once you will be logged in, the system will guide you about the details.

How To Activating Payoneer debit card

To use your Payoneer debit card, after you receive it you will have to activate it.
The process is listed below:

How To Activate Payoneer  through telephone

You can activate your debit card through a call at the Payoneer call centre that is 1­646­658­3695 x2 (9:00am-6:00pm EST Mon-Fri), like you activate your visa debit cards or ATM cards.
Online activation 
  • First log on to
  • You will see activate your account on the main page  , click this button
  • It will require your username and password, enter that. Your card will be activated.
  • Enter your pin number of four digits
  • You will receive a verification email and after that you can your use your card, changing your pin number.
Once your card is activated it can be used for transaction of money around the globe.

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