Sunday, 12 August 2018

How To Verify Your Skrill (MoneyBookers) Account in 5 Minutes

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I have Been Working as Freelancer Since 2010 on Different platforms Like Odesk ( Click For Profile),Freelancer,Elance
Everyone knows that PayPal is not providing its services in Pakistan. Many people use payoneer to get PayPal Activated but these accounts got blocked mostly so safer way to work as freelancer to get Skrill (MoneyBookers) account.
The domain was first registered on 17th June 2001.  MoneyBookers Limited was incorporated in the United Kingdom. It has been a long time. 2 million new customers Registered in first 18th Month. Skrill is working on all the countries in the world. Currently they have 25 Million users. Facebook, EBay, Skype, bet365, Odesk, Elance, Freelancer etc.

How to get started with Skrill Money bookers

  1. Register with Skrill click here
  2. Select Personal or business (for business account you have to pay monthly Fee).
  3. Select your country.
  4. Select your Preferred Currency ( I would Recommend to use Dollars as your Preferred Currency if you are working on  Elance , Odesk , Freelancer , If you are working with peopleperhour then Select Euro or Pound )
  5. Enter your Original name, address Phone etc (name & address should be same with your National Identity card) If your Name is Ahmad & you write Ahmed it will create problems for you In Future.
  6. After filling all the forms your email will be verified.

 How to Verify Skrill MoneyBookers?

There are different ways to verify your identity.
  1. Skrill will send you a mail on your provided Physical Address with a Code that we need to enter in our Skrill account to Verify Account.
  2. If you are not able to get mail on your provided address , Take your PTCL, Gas, Water , Electricity any Utility bill , Scan it & send to Skrill(MoneyBookers ) Via their help center , Your account will be verified in 5 working days .One thing to Remember Utility bill should be in your Name with Same address you enter while Registration . I had a Nightmare when I got problem in my account, I work without payment for 2 month as I was not able to withdraw my payment through MoneyBookers, I did not get my Verification letter & they ask me to provide Utility bill, Flat I was living was not on my name So name on Utility bill was different from my name register with Skrill. At the end I had to provide a rental Contract between owner & me to prove my location.

Do we need to verify our Bank with Skrill?

Yes we need to verify our Account after using $1000. In the start we don’t need to verify our Bank account we can Transfer Money After $1000 we need to verify our Bank account .You need to make a Withdrawal request of $15. Skrill will send you a Verification Code with payment that you can get from your bank & enter into your account to verify you bank Account. In Pakistan every bank is Using 3rd parties for foreign Remittances, Transfers so its take some time to get your Verification code via Bank.

How to get your Account Verified in 5 minutes?

Yes we can verify our account in just 5 minutes.
  1. While opening a bank account always Apply for a Visa, master Card ATM Every Time.
  2. Call your Bank & activate a Session on your ATM Visa, master Debit card.
  3. Enter your ATM Card Number in your Skrill with a 4 Digital code provided on the back of your ATM card. (Don’t enter Pin code that is used while using ATM machines).
  4. Skrill will take some amount in $ from your Bank account for verification purposes.
  5. Last step: After a successful Transaction you need to enter withdrawal Amount in your Skrill & you will get your account activated in just 5 minutes.

How much time Skrill takes to Transfer Money in Pakistan?

It takes 2-3 Working days to get your Amount in your Selected Bank .Try Muslim commercial bank , they process Very Fast Without Any charges , I had been using UBL from last 4 years , Their Processing Time is 5 working days + they charge 600 PKR for Every Transaction
Skrill Charge $2.5 for Every Transaction.
From Last 6 Month IBAN ( International Banking account Number ) is applied for every Transaction Now we need to Convert our Bank Account Number to IBAN to be used in Skrill.
If you need help Regarding Skrill , I will be available for any help , If you had Problem in Converting your Account number to IBAN , let me know . If you need $ in your Skrill account & want to sell your $ & get payment in Pakistan Instantly via Easy Paisa, UBL Omni, Bank Account Contact me

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